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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Good Excuse

Procrastination. Everyone does it at one point or another. I did it with this blog post. But is it always a lack of self-discipline?

I propose another idea: the time spent procrastinating is the time one's subconscious needs to work on an idea until it supplies the needed inspiration to act.

Yeah, that sounds steeped in veracity. Perhaps neuroscience will verify it one day. This idea is now proudly proclaimed on a shirt design I've entered in this week's Woot Derby, the theme of which is using text.

Procrastination is the Art of Awaiting Inspiration

When inspiration does come, it often does as a bolt from the blue, so I highlighted the word "INSPIRATION" with lightning.

And continuing with the theme of pictorially animating the words, I tried to give "Procrastination" a heavy, looming appearance, and filled the word "ART" with artistic doodling.

Procrastination is the Art of Awaiting Inspiration Closeup 2

If this idea resonates with you, I'd be grateful for your vote. Just pop on over to the Woot Derby and click that "I'd Want One" button, available to anyone who's ever made a Woot purchase of any sort (now through July 10, 2014, noon Central Time).

Do NOT procrastinate.  :)

Procrastination is the Art of Awaiting Inspiration Submission

Thanks for visiting and please come again!

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