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Saturday, June 28, 2014

"On a Summer's Eve"

"On a Summer's Eve" digital art, children catching fireflies

I spent all day yesterday working on another entry into the Woot derby. It features children catching fireflies beneath a starry sky and I've titled it "On a Summer's Eve." The theme is "negative space" which simply means that a design element is created by what is around it. Sound familiar?

Having just used this technique, I felt primed to do it again, and thought I could do it more quickly this time. Well... not as quickly as I thought. But it got finished and entered, so if you feel it deserves a vote (now through July 3, 2014, noon Central Time), I'd be honored.

"On a Summer's Eve" digital art, children catching fireflies Closeup

I've yet to look at the competition, but I'm sure there are many fine entries as there always are, so be sure to check those out as well.

Tip for the day: Avoid my mistake. Sometimes I'll be working with Photoshop, and it just doesn't seem to work right. I'll check all the settings, try the function again, and still get the wrong result.

This happened to me yesterday, consuming considerable time in confundation, convincing me the program had gone wonky. Every time I tried to "erase" something I'd painted onto a mask in white by going over it in black, it wouldn't erase completely and ended up looking like I'd painted on it with white at 5% opacity. Drove. Me. Crazy.

Eventually I found my error. I'd checked all the parameters except the color. I'd thought I was using black, but there was actually a very dark gray in the palette, which I'd used briefly and forgotten about. It certainly looked black. Once I corrected that, everything functioned as expected.

Well there you have it. Don't take anything for granted and check everything.

"On a Summer's Eve" Submission digital art, children catching fireflies

Thanks for visiting and please come again!  (And don't forget to vote!)

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