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Friday, August 8, 2014

When You're Not A Football Fan

"Go Sponsors!" football word art

I honestly was going to stay away from the Woot Derby this week. Christmas! I've got to focus on Christmas designs! I looked at the derby theme, saw "Football," and sighed with relief. I know barely anything about football. Good, I won't get distracted.

Much later, while engaged in some menial chore, the thought again crossed my mind that I know nothing about football and how the closest I've come to engaging in it is checking out the more popular Super Bowl commercials.

Oh no.

There was my idea, and I just had to work on it. Stayed up until 2 am to get it done and off my mind.

"Go Sponsors!" football word art on model So what we have here is a shirt design I've titled "Go Sponsors!" which, from the distance, looks like a football. It's a form of word art where the words make up the graphic element of the design. Yes, wear this when you're dragged to the viewing party to spend the afternoon munching nachos before the big screen in total befuddlement. Maybe the others will be so focused on the game they won't notice what it really says."But they said there was only 5 minutes left to play!" Then someone presses a cold drink into your hand and says, "Good joke."
"Go Sponsors!" will be up for voting in the Woot Derby now through August 14, 2014, noon Central time. Anyone who's ever made a purchase from is eligable to vote in the derby. Your support is greatly appreciated! And after all, football season begins well before Christmas.

"Go Sponsors!" football word art submission display

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