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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Niceness of Miceness

Everyone loves their pets, and dog and cat lovers especially have a wide selection of products with which they can proclaim their pride and love for their furry family members. It's a little more difficult for those of us that have less common pets.

Our family includes an adorable—and I mean seriously squeee!-inducing—trio of mice. I've seen people wrinkle their noses at the idea of mice for pets, then gushingly fawn when the meet ours. We got them from a breeder who handled them a young age so they'd learn to be comfortable with human contact. Not only have they never bitten us, but they truly enjoy being petted. (Thank you Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire!)

While cute mice can be found as the subject of assorted t-shirts and other adornments, there is clearly a dearth of such made specifically for the pet owner, so I'm making a contribution to that niche. "Mouse People" is my newest design on Zazzle, and is available on t-shirts, bumper stickers, bags and buttons, magnets and mugs, with more products possible in the future (see the request button on the right if you're interested in something particular!)

"Mouse People" mouse mug, Blue Text "Mouse People" mouse Bag, Green Text "Mouse People" mouse Magnet, Red Text

The design is available in red, blue or green text which can be matched to many different shirt styles and quite a few colors. Warning: Zazzle will not print white on all shirt colors, so choose your color and make sure it doesn't end up with a pink or green mouse on it! Different styles may have different color choices. All non-apparel products can be customized by changing the background color.

"Mouse People" mouse T-Shirt, Red Text "Mouse People" mouse Sweatshirt, Blue Text "Mouse People" mouse T-Shirt, Green Text

And I couldn't end this post without including a photo of Griswalda (with her roommates), my inspiration for this design.

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  1. That design is absolutely darling!!!!! I hope you sell a ton. We had mice as well and you are right, they are very sweet.