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Thursday, May 29, 2014

For the Love of Music

Music is very much a temporal art. How many pictures can you glance at in any moment? How fast can you read? Some DVD players let you watch a movie at increased speed without losing the sound. And while it's true that you'll enjoy these things more at a leisurely pace, listening to music is one pastime that can't be rushed.

I have a strong background in music and love nearly every type. From classical, rock, pop, and New Age to folk musics from around the world, it's all good. I hate driving without some tunes and listen at my computer as long as I have the RAM to support it. Even when it's quiet around me, there's usually a tune inside my head. And with all the wonderfully talented and creative musicians in the world spreading their art faster and further than ever before, there's just no way anyone can take it all in.

That's the inspiration I felt when I made this design, "So Much Music, So Little Time."

I wanted it to be fairly simple and show how music enriches our minds and fills our world with "color for the ears." While I adore bright colors, sometimes they have the greatest impact when contrasted with neutrals. In this design, the music is what it's all about, and that's where the color is. is currently running a themed competition called "Make Your Statement," and this particular statement of mine has been accepted for scoring now through the morning of June 5, 2014. If you have an account with Threadless, please click over there and put in your two cents worth.

Thanks for visiting and please come again!


  1. That's a beautiful design! And you are absolutely right to have the music be the standout color. I love your simple line drawing of the face and headphones. Genius! I don't know if you ever want to join a 'challenge' but Steve has a music one that looks really fun.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, and for the link. I'll have to take a look over there!

  2. That's very nice! I really like the idea behind it, and of course the design.